House Rules

Prestige Classes

“Prestige classes allow characters to become truly exceptional, gaining powers beyond the ken of their peers.” PRPG pg 378

In this game some of you have goals to take prestige classes. Which are great ways to enhance your characters. However in this game I will not allow you to just take a Prestige Class when you meet the rule requirements. You must actively seek out a mentor, ancient tomb or something else from which you can learn the ways of the Prestige Class.

Now this dosent mean Im going to make it difficult for you to attain the Prestige Class but I want it to be worked into the story. For instance a Rogue seeking to become an Assassin might have to travel to Ankh-Morpork and find some way of getting Sir Gyles de Munforte founder of the de Munforte School for Gentlemen Assassins to allow you to train with him. Probably during a period of downtime between adventures.

I will work hard to make sure you are given clues as to how to find a way to learn the PrC of your desire and to make the prestige class of your choice a fun to roleplay addition to the campaign.

House Rules

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