Setting: Andoran (pronounced ann-DOHR-ann) a nation of the people, governed by the principals of Common Rule which grants every man a voice. Andoran holds the reins of its own destiny in the strong hands of its people. It is the birthplace of freedom.


Andoran’s government is based on a centralized republican ideology. The center of this government lies within the People’s Council, whom which represent the people of Andoran. Every 5 years the people vote for the 350 counselors that will sit in the People’s Council. The People’s Council names the Supreme Elect, manager of the Executive Office, and appoints all other officials throughout the government. They are the first government of the Inner Sea to entrust its power to its own citizens instead of dolloping it upon the crowned brow of a king. The capital of Andoran is Almas, which is also the nation’s largest city.


Andoran is located on the northern coast of the Inner Sea. It is separated from its western neighbor, Cheliax by the Aspodell Mountains, and the Five Kings Mountains perform a similar function in the north, distinguishing Andoran from Druma, Isger, and Kyonin. It’s eastern border is almost completely hidden within the Verduran Forest, which spans the line between Andoran and both Galt and Taldor. Prominent interior features of Andoran are haunted Arthfell Forest and the lone peak of Droskar’s Crag which looms over fey-infested Darkmoon Wood along the banks of the Foam River.

Alvis and surrounding Region

Our adventure starts on the western border. Alvis is a small town that during the Peoples Revolt saw many battles with Cheliax. After nearly thirty years of infernal rule, Andoran seceded in 4669 AR to establish a nation of the people. During this time, slaves and prisoners were freed to help in the Revolt. Andoran would see the tyrannical empires who once ruled them brought down. They would see slavery abolished and those who would buy and sell people punished in the extreme.

Arthfell Forest

Dominated mainly by undead left over from the Peoples Revolt this forest is a fearful place for the people of Alvis. However Augustana’s thirst for timber has not kept the lumber barons from cutting the forest to feed the ship yards. A community of elves has taken up residence in Arthfell and they work to rid the forest of its undead inhabitants they also restrict the amount of lumber the barons from Augustana can harvest.

Fort Kemmerer

This fort is about 10 miles from Alvis and watches the western border and patrols it’s the trade routes. 50 Knights of the Golden Legion occupy this fort led by Sir Arodel Rifwinn


50 miles south of Alvis is Andoran’s second city, Augustana. Augustana owes its name and importance to the prolonged presence of a large Chelaxian port and military camp during the long campaign undertaken by General Khastalus of Corentyn to subjugate the barbarian tribes of Arthfell 3,000 years ago. As the “city of the emperor,” Augustana was surpassed in importance by Almas only a century ago. Its shipyards and dock facilities are still among the largest and most important of the Inner Sea,and include the arsenal of the Andoren navy and the coastal fortress commanded by the Consul Admiral in charge. The first bank of Andoran, the Forester’s Endowerments, has its historical headquarters in the center of the town.


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