Young half-elf in search for her place in this world.


Class Wizard (Transmuter)
Favored Class(es): Wizard & Rogue

STR 12
DEX 16 (base 13 +2 race +1 enchance from transmuter)
CON 14
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 11

Speed 30   Init +3
HP 8
AC 13  Touch 13  FF 10
CMB +1  CMD 14

Fort +2
Refl +3
Will +2

Quarterstaff  +1 att  1d6+1 dmg
Quarterstaff (2WF) -3/-7 att  1d6+1/1d6

Skill Focus (stealth) (racial bonus)
Scribe Scroll (class bonus)
Alertness (familiar bonus)
Deft Hands (1st lvl)

Skills: (total = ability + ranks/class bonus + misc)
Acrobatics  7 = 3 + 1 + 3 (monkey bonus)
Disable Device  6 = 3 + 1 + 2 (deft hands)
Knowledge Arcana  7 = 3 + 4
Perception 4 = 0 + 0 + 4 (half elf bonus + alertness)
Sense Motive  2 = 0 + 0 + 2 (alertness)
Sleight of Hand  6 = 3 + 1 + 2 (deft hands)
Spellcraft  7 = 3 + 4
Stealth  7 = 3 + 1 + 3 (skill focus)



Being the love child of two adventurers, Aramina spent her childhood and youth bouncing back and forth between the two. She spent her winters with her father in his tower learning the magical arts from him and being doted on by her loving father. His attentions to her training rubbed her the wrong way, and they often argued.

She spent most of her summers with mother. Her mother, once a member of a house in Augustana (or Almas) but having a half-breed child out of wedlock caused a rift between her and her house. They tolerated her presence, but Aramina never felt comfortable around them.

Several years ago, when her father teleported her to her normal meeting place with her mother, her mother did not show. Worried over this, Aramina went in search of her mother in their usual hangouts. After running out of money, Aramina didn’t want to go to her “family” but she didn’t have many options. She didn’t want to run to her father, since he wouldn’t help when it came to her mother, so she turned to her mother’s family. They turned her away, saying that her mother must have finally come to her senses and abandoned her. She started trying to put on small shows on the corner using the cantrips her father had taught her. She had her familiar, Readis, for company, and he helped with the entertainment as well. She did ok, until the town guards said she was causing too much of a commotion, and informed her that she needed to have a busking license in order to perform on the street for money. Fortunately, she had already made enough money by that time that she was just able to afford the license and began her time on the street.

Her real lucky break came when a Halfling from her mother’s house found her performing and took pity on her. He took her into his business and kept an eye on her. He taught her a few skills to get a bit more money out of her audience and she was a natural. Her elven heritage gave her the natural reflexes that allowed her to pick pockets with grace. He taught her the ins and outs of sneaking around, and taught her how to work with locks (his specialty). When it came time for her father to pick her up, she had decided to not share with him about her summer. It was her little secret, and she looked forward to the next summer.

Over the next few summers (with her mother still not showing up) Aramina learned more and more skills to get along mostly by herself. She made some friends, and in her free time, searched for clues as to what happened to her mother.


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