• Apple Thistlebottom

    Apple Thistlebottom

    Halfling Druid
  • Aramina


    Young half-elf in search for her place in this world.
  • Arodel Rifwinn

    Arodel Rifwinn

    Handsome and charming. A natural leader.
  • Gethsemene Nailo

    Gethsemene Nailo

    Forlorne elf born to the Mordent spire, national of Andoran. Student of Nethys, visionary, rune caster and scribe..
  • Governor Roydar Gravin

    Governor Roydar Gravin

    A old gnome warriror. Suffering from the bleaching.
  • Levicticus Germaine

    Levicticus Germaine

    An escaped slave on the run from Cheliax...
  • Macajuel


    Tall for an elf, and quite thin, this brown haired elf seems to have lived in the wild for most of his life.
  • Sir Aryon Elswyrr

    Sir Aryon Elswyrr

    Poised and Refined this elf has spent many yeas in the elfin courts perfecting his stately charm.
  • Sir Felix Steadfast

    Sir Felix Steadfast

    Good Natured yet gruff. He reminds you of short thin dwarf
  • Kamilla


    Strange slightly neurotic half orc witch.